How to Use Lesson Plans

8th Grade Social Studies: The Roman Empire – A Day in the Life of… Students will create character studies of various people from the Roman Empire, such as a soldier or a merchant. Students research their “character” and then use creative writing techniques to write a story about a day in the life of their character. This can be adapted to any time period or era. joy2learn Videos as support: – Family History – Gregory Hines – Family History – Gregory Hines
9th Grade English/Language Arts: Fahrenheit 451 – Students study the main characters from Fahrenheit 451 and use acting techniques to detail the character development throughout the text. joy2learn Videos as support: – Cyrano Intro – Hector Elizondo
9th Grade Math: Using Math for Fun Students create a picture book with images and text to detail the steps of solving a math problem. joy2learn Videos as support: https:// – Strategy – Elizabeth Murray
11th Grade Social Studies: Classmate Biographies Students will interview each other and then create one act plays to perform for the class based on their classmate’s biography interview. joy2learn Videos as support: (Importance of Words) – Hector Elizondo (My ambitions) – Elizabeth Murray (Early years) – WyntonMarsalis
Research has shown that integrating multidisciplinary content into foreign language learning can lead to a 20% increase in retention rates. By incorporating elements from various subjects such as history, science, or art into language lessons, students are provided with diverse contexts that reinforce vocabulary, grammar, and cultural understanding, thereby enhancing their ability to retain language knowledge over time.
School in Ghana gets students ready for careers by adding art to the standard curriculum. This African nation is taking a unique approach to education by integrating the arts into its STEM curriculum. The goal is to equip students with the critical thinking, communication, and collaboration skills they will need. By incorporating performing arts with their core subjects, these schools hope to cultivate creativity, problem-solving abilities, and critical thinking skills in its future generations.