Visual Arts Lesson Plans

Colors and Lines

Title : Colors and Lines

Author : Carla Shane, Learning Through Play PreK, NYC

Subject Area/Grade: Pre-kindergarten

Pre-K students will learn to create colors, from primary colors to white, and explore lines.


To create colors from primary colors and white.  To explore line.

Content Area and Standards

Domain 5D:  Cognition and Knowledge of the World:  The Arts
PK.ARTS.5. [MA:Cr1-3.PK] Creates Media Arts PK.ARTS.5. Indicators: a. Discovers and explores media arts tools 



Joy2Learn Artists /Videos that Support Project

Video – Elizabeth Murray – Creating Color

Art Forms that May Be Included


Connections to Students Passion Areas and Interests

Creative Expression, Painting.  The stories of their paintings – going to the park, family etc.

Materials Needed

Paper, Paintbrushes, water, primary paint colors


Students may be inspired by each other since they work alongside each other.


Week 1: Introduce black, and stroke making. Talk about lines – different types. Infuse vocabulary when working.

Week 2: Show Elizabeth Murray’s video and ask children – How do you think Elizabeth created the colors in her paintings? Introduce Blue and Yellow – exploring green.‍

Week 3: Show on Promethean board various works from Elizabeth Murray and other artists and ask children as they look at the colors on their tray (Blue and Red) how do you think based on what we learned last week – how the different colors can be made.‍

Week 4: Continue to explore art works of other artists – asking children to see if they too can create different colors

Tray will have red, blue, yellow and white and water and one brush. By this week, children should have mastered the cleaning process in order to create colors.

Other Notes

Culminating activity – display art works with dictations on how the different colors were made.