11th Grade

Visual Arts Lesson Plans

Product Design: Construction Technology Engineering

Title : Product Design: Construction Technology Engineering

Author : Sidney Izakson, Brooklyn Technical High School, NYC

Subject Area/ Grade: Industrial Design/ 11th – 12th Grade

In this industrial design project, students will research and design a device or product for  physical or mental illness or disability. 


1. Researching and designing products for either COVID19 PPE or a device/product used for a physical or mental illness or disability.
2. Brainstorm, research and design 4 different designs of a product that benefits the target consumer given their symptoms and/or disability. 
3. For those selecting COVID19, you can design products for both frontline workers as well as everyday citizens for home and/or commercial use. 
4. Responsible for all documentation including photos of drawings, design briefs and citing of sources of your research.

Content Area and Standards

1. Product Design CTE (Construction Technology Engineering)
2. Generate and document multiple ideas or solution paths to a problem through brainstorming.
3. Describe the design process used in the solution of a particular problem and reflect on all steps of the design process.
4. Utilize an engineering notebook to clearly and accurately document the design process according to accepted standards and protocols to prove the origin and chronology of a design.
5. Create sketches or diagrams as representations of objects, ideas, events, or systems.
6. Explain the contributions of engineers from different engineering fields in the design and development of a product, system, or technology.
7. Review and evaluate the written work of peers and make recommendations for improvement.


1. Mind Map: Centering your topic, research and brainstorm 4 ideas for possible product design solutions that relate to your topic. Final Mind Map can contain brief notes and thumbnail sketches if needed.
2. Design Briefs: Create and complete a design brief in the proper format for every product design solution. *You must list at least 5 criteria and 5 constraints including the following criteria: Does the needed technology already exist?
3. Ideation Drawings: Create a set of ideation drawings for each of your product designs. Shading and color is encouraged.
4. Concept Drawings: Create a set of concept sketches for each of yourproduct designs. Remember to align your views and neatly annotate as much information as possible.
5. Final Drawings: Final presentation drawings should contain at least one perspective view w/background shape, cast or drop shadow. Shading and color is encouraged. Additional views from different perspectives can be added at your discretion.

Joy2Learn Artists /Videos that Support Project

1. Elizabeth Murray, My Ambitions 
2. Frank Gehry, My Son and I
3. Richard Serra, My Life, Little Richard

Art Forms that May Be Included

Product Design drawings created with various media including pen, pencil marker, charcoal &  prototype model created with foam or balsa wood

Connections to Students Passion Areas and Interests

1. Students have the choice to design a product that addresses a physical or mental disability or address a current and somewhat urgent need in the form of COVID PPE products.
2. Students submit their final work in the form of a sales pitch to their peers and address questions (remote or in-person)

Materials Needed

Paper (heavyweight), pencils, pens, internet access for research and work sharing purposes. 


Ideal collaborators would be frontline workers as well as specialists and doctors depending on disability 


Elements Weight 5 Points 4 Points 3 Points 2 Points 1-0 Points Total


4-6 weeks (1 1/2hr period class every other day with approx. 20 minutes a night of asynchronous work)